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Universal Copy (UNIC):: UNIC is the disk imaging concept put forward in 2010 by SalvationDATA technology.

Hard drive duplicator

  • Data Copy King as the first one universal hard drive duplicator, it has the following features:

* ‘Universal' indicates the storage medias from hard drives to flash drives, from good storage medias to storage medias with defects such as a lot of bad sectors, unstable heads or motor after head or platter swap, clicking drives but still detected in the bios or other kind of logical failure with detected status;

* ‘Universal' suggests this hard drive duplicator have a combination of multiple Data Copy related solutions such as drive health checking, data clean or data destruction;

* ‘Universal' means the wide use of this hard drive duplicator among different fields like data recovery field, IT after sale field, Education and training field, Government and military field, computer forensics field, Financial department field etc;

* One important thing to mention about the ‘Universal' hard drive duplictor here is the green concept used no backdoor design, physical read only, 0 training required, friendly and nice interface, Energy-saving, cost effective, etc.

“Three in one” complex can meet comprehensively the requirements of computer forensic, data recovery duplication and data backup of enterprises and government, institutions. It's time to replace your outdated hard drive duplicator, disk wipe or data erasing device or data backup tools to keep your data security guaranteed.


Hard drive duplicator


In the past, traditional hard drive duplicator and disk imaging tools can only copy good hard drives or drives with few bad sectors, most of them were designed without considering the cases of unstable drives after head or platter swap or drives with a lot of bad sectors. If you use the traditional disk image tools to copy such unstable drives, the disk imaging process usually get stuck, the source drive stops working when only part of data is copied and other kind of disk imaging obstacles. As a result, you need to re-copy the data and reset the starting LBA value. The operators cannot guarantee at all what and how much data has been copied, what has been omitted. The direct loss is your efficiency loss, data copy failure and even further damage to your data storage medias to cause permanent data loss.


Besides, disk wipe tools are flooded in the data erasing market. As we all know, when we are using our hard disk drives, we always meet bad sectors, both logically and physically, sometimes, if your computers have a fall, there might be some slight scratches even if it's still detected in the bios, as time passes by, the bad sectors and scratches become more severe and your drives become undetected at that time. Before that deadly failure, we should perform effective data backup and wipe the disk for data security. But traditional hard drive duplicators or data erasing tools cannot copy and wipe the unstable disks with bad sectors or scratches at all, therefore, we need not only some new and powerful data copy solution but also strong data erasing solution to wipe off data on the unstable sectors and slightly scratched drives.

Learn more about Data Copy King 's two main solutions: Hard drive duplication and DoD data wiping !