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Different Design Concept Data Compass is designed as a data extractor recovering the wanted data with RAID recovery solution added to the premium version. Data Copy King is designed as a hard disk duplicator integrating disk image, disk wipe and fast HDD auto detection. All the data is cloned exactly the same as the patient drive including the HPA/DCO areas.
Different Typical Applications Data Compass is mainly used by professional data recovery companies, those who start Data Recovery service and companies/organizations who have a data security requirement to get the lost data back. Data Copy King can be wided used among DR companies, IT Networking companies, computer forensics agencies and even families and individuals for fast hard disk duplication/data backup and disk wipe.
Different Product Scope Data Compass belongs to '3+1' data recovery suite enabling you to provide comprehensive HDD data recovery services with the help of HD HPE PRO and HD Doctor Suite. Data Copy King is an independent product used for fastest disk image, disk wipe or data backup.
Different way of using You need to connect Data Compass to your desktop or notebook and connect the patient drive to the DC You don't need to connect the hard drive duplicator with the computer, you just need to connect the source drive and target drive to Data Copy King and the data can be copied or imaged from the bad to good disk.
Different OS and file system
Data Compass Supports file systems of FAT, NTFS, HFS+/HFSX and EXT2(3). Data Copy King Supportsany kind of OS or file systems
Unique Solutions Data Compass has 01:Data Compass is able to recover the lost data with a high success rate via bypassing
firmware failure and bad sectors;
02: Data Compass has unqiue SA emulation technology bypassing firmware failure;
03: Data compass has shadowdisk innovative technology protecting the source drive
maximumly and improve the efficiency of data recovery;
04: Data Compass has RAID recovery solutions supporting RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 5e
and RAID 5ee;
05: Data Compass is able to extract the data by selective heads

Data Copy King Unique Solutions 01: Data Copy King has the world's fastest disk image speed up to 7.0GB/min;
02: The hard drive duplicator has the world's fastest disk wipe speed up to 8.0GB/min following
strictly the DoD specifications;
03: The hard drive duplicator bypass the OS/Bios and file systems and duplicate the data in the
source drive
04: The hard drive duplicatorhas color touch screen operation interface as easy as the use of mobile
05: Data Copy King is the only TB-level hard drive duplicator supporting up to 131072TB;
06: The hard drive duplicator has very friendly timely status bar and log view and log printable
07: The hard drive duplicator has no limit to the target drive and has build-in IDE/SATA inteface and
support SSD, USB, SCSI, etc with adapters supported
Solutions both Data Compass and Data Copy King have 01: Have used the latest bad sector repair and bypassing technology retrieving
up to 95 percent of bad sectors;
02: You can stop or continue the disk imaging process as you need, and the disk imaging
process continue from where you stop it;
03: Automatically resets/reboots drives that become unresponsive to continue
the disk imaging process;
04: Both tools have write protection to the source drives;
05: Both the data recovery tools and hard drive duplicator are able to work with drives with unstable heads/clicking/severe
bad sectors only if the drives can be detected in the bios.
Support and upgrade for both Data Compass and Data Copy King 01: Lifetime software upgrade by login the forum with VIP access level;
02: Lifetime free after sale support by email/Skype/tel/forum/blog/Remote
03: Free shipping by DHL express