New business opportunity with Data Copy King hard drive duplicator

Business plan NO.: SD01


  • Investment success rate:
    • Operation feasibility:
    • Staff required: 1 person
    • Tools required: Data Copy King
    • Investment fund: 1,998.00 USD
    • Return of investment: 1 customer 1 time backup 2 TB
    • Application: videos backup, and the like, songs backup and the like, and etc

    Take the video backup for instance


    (1)Target customers:

    which kind of customers will backup and duplicate videos frequently, here the frequency is defined that one will backup and duplicate amount of videos at least one time each mouth, and the capabilities are limited to more than 500GB, consequently, the target customers can restrict to the followed ranges: firstly, companies or individuals involving in the MTVs or MVs, such as entertainment companies, actors, singers, directors and the likes; secondly, companies or individuals dealing with videos, such as YouTube, Google Video, and fans of movies and etc; thirdly, governments and officers, such as police officers involving in traffic record videos, and banks dealing with security tapes and the likes.

    (2)Consideration of budget under the global economic crisis:

    Since the initial of global economic crisis of 2009, one year have past, and through the global economic is under the way of recovery, yet we still “tighten” our budgets or cut our expenditure in order to get through this difficult time. Therefore, under the global economic crisis, it is necessary to seek for a better video backup and duplication solutions for the sake of budget.

    (3)Consideration of security of video data:

    As we all know, security is taking more and more attention, in terms of its fragility and the valuable. But as the advancement of science, the risks of being attacking by hackers are becoming bigger and bigger, especially the companies involves in videos are vulnerable to the attacks of hackers, so the best solution is to backup all the valuable videos frequently, and there is no exception for individuals who possess amount of video, for there are existing a sea of risks of being lost or damaged by human errors or virus as well.  

    (4)Consideration of working efficiency:

    Whenever putting forward efficiency, the speed is always taken into the first account, and then the quality is taken into the second consideration, beyond the doubt, for time is money and life. Once you seize the time, you will survive and grow up from the fierce competition, in addition that the quality is also concerned much.

    Solution:2010 the latest and fastest all-in-one “unic” one-to-one hard drive duplicator, Data Copy King, integrating disk duplication, disk destruction, and computer forensics data acquisition and HDD auto detection, with disk duplication speed 7GB/min and disk destruction speed 8GB/min.

    For starting a business resolution

    (1)Concept: with Data Copy King in hand, all the troubles, such as seeking for all-in-one duplicator, high profits and working efficiency will be cast to the winds.

    (2)Budgets: the total budgets for this business are 1,998.00$, which includes shipping DHL or UPS fees, without any extra training and software upgrade fees (all lifelong software upgrade is free provided by SalvationDATA); and if you are lucky enough you will get 10% discount, for the first 100 buyers favorability.

    (3)Returns:supposing that you just serve one customer one month and backup 2TB data, you could receive about 2,000.00USD that means you had returned you investment just providing one time service within one month. Wow! It sounds unbelievable, but it is the fact.

    According to the current charge of data backup:

    • Data size in gigabytes: 2042
    • Number of File revisions: 1
    • Number of months of retention: 12
    • Estimated compression percentage: 5%
    • Monthly growth percentage: 0%
    • Monthly deletion percentage: 0%
    • Number of months into the future: 12
    • Cost of first month: 1,986.46$
    • 12th month’s backup cost: 1,986.46$
    • Total cost for the first 12 months: 23,837.49$

    Consequently, a conclusion could be drawn conditionally, that each month you just provide one backup just 2GB capability service, and in one year you just provide 12 times data backup service for one customer, you could gain 20,000.00USD. The profits are so much high, that sounds really unbelievable, but it is ever true, and trying is believing, just awaiting for your try.

    (4)Marketing: once you invested Data Copy King, what you have to do is just sit at home, awaiting for the customers knocking on your doors and then check the money, thanks for the free Google key words marketing( targeted for reseller of DCK) and web marketing channels, such data recovery salon provided by SalvationDATA. Besides, its mobile design enables you to provide door to door services to your customers to give your customers more confidence!

    (5)Technical supports: all the technical supports of Data Copy King are provided by remote official SalvationDATA. So there is nothing to worry about it. All the lifetime software upgrade is freely provided by SalvationDATA.