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Computer forensic evidence can be used by a wide range of target people and organizations to reduce economy loss and reputation loss due to evidence data loss. There are also other kind of special purposes of using the evidences and the following will release to you more information. That’s why SalvationDATA invested a lot to upgrade the existing data recovery tools and develop the new forensic disk image tool-Data Copy King!

What types of evidence can be found on computer systems?

User files, deleted files, e-mail messages, file copying, attempted data destruction, internet usage and other activities.

Evidence used by Criminal Prosecutors

Criminal Prosecutors use computer evidence in a variety of crimes where incriminating documents can be found: homicides, financial fraud, drug and embezzlement record-keeping, and child pornography.

Evidence used by Civil litigations

Civil litigations can readily make use of personal and business records found on computer systems that bear on: fraud, divorce, discrimination, and harassment cases.

Evidence used by Insurance Companies

Insurance Companies may be able to mitigate costs by using discovered computer evidence of possible fraud in accident, arson, and workman's compensation cases.

Evidence used by corporations

Corporations often hire computer forensics specialists to ascertain evidence relating to: sexual harassment, embezzlement, theft or misappropriation of trade secrets and other internal/confidential information.

Evidence used by Law Enforcement Officials

Law Enforcement Officials frequently require assistance in pre-search warrant preparations and post-seizure handling of the computer equipment.

Evidence used by individuals

Individuals sometimes hire computer forensics specialists in support of possible claims of: wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or age discrimination.

The newly released data copy king will be definitely one professional forensic data duplicator making it possible for forensic computer professionals to get more complete evidence from the computer systems.