DATA COPY KING—disk image tool--Data backup solution for video makers or video related personals

DATA COPY KING as the latest disk image hardware provides data backup solution for video makers or keepers.

We all know that images or videos are the data which pretty occupy storage media comparing with text data, and some may be stored to be later use for specific reason such as evidence collection and history documents. And how to keep or backup the video data and not be attacked by any factors like virus, aging, human errors? Time and often how to keep or backup the video data is also a big headache for video makers and keepers; take security monitor system for instance, It is quite common to see all kinds of security monitoring system in daily life from bank, hotel, supermarket, highway even to Residential community. And it was known that the amount of security monitor video document is well up to 10 GB just in one single day in a single site. Not to mention lots of the security monitoring sites in a district. To transfer or backup the video documents in efficiency becomes a hot potato for video related personals.

Q: What DATA COPY KING-disk image solution can do for you?

A : As the latest and fastest disk image tool, DATA COPY KING can provides you super transfer speed in video documents transfer and video data backup; besides it can be applied to clean the unwanted data meanwhile recycling video storage device like SSD(solid state drive), external hard drive, flash drive etc.

•  Fastest Duplication-- Imaging disk at 7.0GB/min with data protection

•  Data clean—999 rounds of Wiping disk permanently conforming to DoD Standard at 8.0GB/min

•  Forensic data capture—Getting solid forensic images with MD5/CRC verification

•  HDD auto detection—Fast test and bad sector analysis with clear graph  

•  Universal support—No restriction of brand and model

•  Support TB-level hard drives--Especially designed for TB-level hard drive supporting up to 131072TB

•  Stand-alone with color touch screen

Q: Why choose DATA COPY KING?

A: DATA COPY KING, as necessary disk image hardware for video data backup, are widely chosen and accepted by large number of video related personals. However, due to the limitation of traditional disk image hardware in supporting capacity and transfer speed, ordinary disk image hardware are only used to backup video data with small capacity.

001:  With Fast transfer speed: before the release of DATA COPY KING, it usually takes 5-6 hours or more to image or clean a disk with 300GB.while with real-tested transfer speed of disk image and data clean respectively up to 7.0GB/min and 8.0GB/min, DATA COPY KING—the fastest disk image hardware can fulfill the task in 45 minutes for the same capacity disk. Compared to the traditional disk image hardware, DATA COPY KING saves abundant of time and improve work efficiency a lot.

002:  With Build-in write protection : DATA COPY KING—UNIC universal disk image hardware—adopts physical read-only technology, image disk sector by sector, absolutely guarantee the integrity and data security.

003:  With easy-to-use and user-friendly design: DATA COPY KING is easy to use with user-friendly wizard and tough screen. DATA COPY KING promises you No training and no further investment.