How to Upgrade Data Copy King and Export the Logs

Data Copy King as one universal disk image hardware will be upgraded continuously to meet the demands of customers worldwide in different industries.


The following picture shows the interface where you are able to export the logs from the disk image hardware.

DCK upgrade

Steps To Upgrade Data Copy King And Export Logs

1, Connect the disk image hardware with your PC by the USB cable;

2, Power on Data Copy King with the external power supply cable until you find the USB connected icon on disk image hardware’s color touch screen;

3, After above two steps, you will be required to install the driver in your PC to run the Data Copy King program. (Copy the folder ‘DCK soft' to your PC from the CD we ship to you or you can download it from our forum; then follow the installation guide, browse and find ‘sys' folder>>>‘SalvationDataCopyKing.sys' and install the driver successfully.)
Note: Step 3 is required only for the first time you are going to upgrade DCK or export logs.
4, Run ‘DCK.exe' and you will get the interface as the picture above.
- Just Click ‘DCK upgrade' to upgrade your DCK to the latest version.
-Enter password and click ‘Export Log' to export your logs successfully.
Please Note:


1, Password is not required to upgrade the Data Copy King, if your disk image hardware has been the latest version, the button of ‘DCK Upgrade' is disabled!

2, Password is required to export the disk image hardware logs to the ‘DCK soft' folder.

3, If you are operating on the disk image hardware, you need to power off the disk image hardware; first remove external power supply, then connect USB cable and external power supply again, finally start exporting logs or upgrading Data Copy King.


4, During the upgrade or export process, please don't remove the power supply or USB cable until you get the message “you have upgraded the disk image hardware or export the logs successfully!”