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Data Copy King is not only the fastest hard drive duplicator, but is one 8.GB/min DoD disk wiper which is the industry’s fastest disk wipe utility, erasing data securely without affecting the acceptable life and erasing data permanently without the possibility of data recovery.

This disk wiper is one disk wipe tool with color touch screen, supporting both IDE and SATA drives’ data erasing and wipe off data from USB 2.0 storage Medias with adapter such as external hard drives, SSD, USB, SD, CF cards, memory sticks, Voice Recording Pen, etc.

Data Copy king acts as one disk wipe tool solution providing you the ability to have three levels of password security system protecting from any malicious data erasing operations, the top level super password enables you to have full accesses to the system. All operations are recorded on the fly and available also in the log view section. The log info can be downloaded to the PC with the USB cable and printed out. DCK follows strictly the US DoD(5220.22-M) specifications and BMB21-2007 data security of The People's Republic of China.

data erasing  

When Data Copy King is performing the data erasing task on the target hard drive, it can enhance the electric current of the working heads to wipe off the data completely when there’re a lot of bad sectors; while other disk wipe tools usually get stuck and stop working or jump the bad sectors directly without erasing the data there at all, and finally lead to sensitive data leak. Besides DCK provides you the ability to configure the data erasing rounds up to 999 which is 142 times of the DoD’s 7 rounds disk wipe requirements. Whether its user data areas, Virus attacked areas, DCO or HPA areas, Data Copy King is able to wipe off the data permanently and securely with its three optional data erasing modes: 00/FF/Random data strings! Meanwhile our hard drive duplicator can wipe off the data only area by partition.

There’s one special feature with Data Copy King, that’s the automatic bad sector repair. During the data erasing process, the disk wipe program will detect the bad sectors and add the bad sectors to G-list and this makes the hard drives with some (but not many) bad sectors working properly, like a new hard drive. Isn’t it amazing?

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