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7.0GB/min hard drive duplicator copying bad sectors & unstable hard drives fast

With over 10 years’ data recovery and hdd repair experience, SalvationDATA unveiled the world’s fastest hard drive duplicator-Data Copy King,7.0GB/min copying hard drives with transfer rate upto 7.0GB/min, copying unstable hard drives after head swap or drives with a lot of bad sector fast.

This hard drive duplicator adopts UDMA-133 design, specially designed for TB-level data storage Media, maximally supporting up to 131072TB. For 1 TB hard drive, traditional hard drive duplicators will need 10-16 hours to finish the hdd duplication task but it takes only 2.5 hours for data copy king to duplicate the whole hard drive. Compared with the traditional hard drive duplication tools, Data Copy King improves your work efficiency and save your cost. So far in hdd duplication market, if you want to backup 100GB, it usually takes 100USD around, if you backup your data each two months, you need 6 backups each year, that means you will spend 600USD for data backup each year for 100GB data. How about if you have much more data to duplicate for backup? 1TB? 100TB? More?

It has been very clear that Data Copy king has absolute hdd duplication speed advantage over any other traditional hard drive duplicators. When we are performing hdd duplication, we have a lot of cases to copy data from unstable drives after head or platter swap, or drives with bad sectors and even some drives with slight clicking/none data area scratches, such kind of hdd duplication cases can be the most difficult ones. Even if the hard drives are still detected in the bios, traditional hard drive duplicators cannot access the patient drives to copy data or even if it accesses to, it will be very slow, get stuck during the data copy process and patient drives stop working and finally fail to copy the data out.

How about if you use Data Copy King? though The drives working with Data copy King must be detected in the bios too, but DCK has the following unique abilities and features other hard drive duplicators don’t have:

* Access to unstable drives with a lot of bad sectors and copy data fast, possibility to copy the data out is 300% higher than other hard drive duplicators;

* Automatically resets/reboots hard drives that get stuck to continue the hdd duplication process, so you don't need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.

* Independent from PC supporting all OS and file system, sector by sector copy and synchronous CRC checking help to protect the source data for its integrity

* MD5 generator software now is availabe for our hard drive duplicator users to make sure the data security at anytime

* The hard drive duplicator now can image of copy only data area by partition to speed up your data copy rate.

* Data copy king can perform "image to file" now to make your data recovery work more convienient

Besides above unique hd duplicator features, DCK has build-in IDE/SATA supports, USB support with adapter, color touch screen, 0 training required design and the other integrated important solution-DoD disk wipe solution, Data copy king will be your best choice to upgrade your old hard drive duplicators or become your first new hard drive duplicator.

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