SalvationDATA and NSS Ties To Penetrate Data Recovery Services Market In Japan



SalvationDATA and Nippon Software Service (NSS) are establishing a new partnership to develop a strategic and cooperative relationship, being committed to support each other on remote technical support, localization of data recovery tools Including our latest  and fastest  disk image hardware—data copy king and online and offline marketing channel and sales channel promotion, so as to grow the data recovery services market in Japan.


Last week Party NSS has been working on the localization of disk image hardware, Data Copy King, newly released by SalvationDATA, and specially designed for TB-level disk image hardware, computer forensic data acquisition, permanent data destruction, and auto disk detection. Thanks to its super ability of disk imaging, Data Copy King break the limitation of low speed of Data Compass capable of imaging disk with tremendous transfer speed. And it is expected that the work of localization of disk image hardware will be done two weeks later, and formal Japanese version of Data Copy King are estimated to be launched to Japanese market one month later. After that, the systematic data recovery service solution is able to be provided by NSS, unarguably, the Japanese version of Data Compass and Data Copy King are bound to be the most cost-effective and powerful data recovery solution in Japanese market.


Party SalvationDATA highly appreciates the localization of SalvationDATA data recovery tools and brand promotion of SalvationDATA in Japan in the past years. Since the first cooperation between SalvationDATA and NSS in 2008, two years had past. In the two years, the president of NSS had traveled to headquarter of SalvationDATA and attached much importance to the cooperation and pushed forward largely the brand recognition of SalvationDATA and localization of SalvationDATA data recovery tools, such as data recovery training and translations of disk image hardware, user manual and data recovery tools, and a sea of offline advertisements campaign. In return, SalvationDATA provided a number of supports for data recovery services of NSS in Japan.


Looking forward to the future, both Parties are full of confidence and expectation of the effects of the localization of data compass and the disk image hardware--data copy king, despite of the impact of global economic downturn on Japan economic.


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