Data Copy King is soon upgraded with new features added and bugs fixed


After Data Copy King is released, we continue receiving many suggestions to improve DCK disk imager and according to the upgrade policy of all data recovery tools, we upgrade Data Copy King frequently and all our customers are able to get the latest disk image and data wiping new features for free.


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We will release the new upgrade for Data Copy King next week or so for the following features:

01: 'Image to file' is added

Users are able to image the full source disk to file and store on the target disk after a build-in newly added format function;

02: 'Image one single partition' is added
Data Copy King will detect the partitions in the source drive and you can select the partition you need only to image from the source disk to target disk, you can image directly from disk to disk or image the selected partition to file and stored in the target disk.

03: 'Wipe one single partition' is added
Customers can select the partition to wipe the data permanently when you want to wipe one partition only

04: Fixed one bug about the error 'The target disk has bad sectors and cannot continue...'
SalvationDATA Data Copy King Team is adopting all the possible means to make Data Copy King more and more powerful and stable. We are also now improving the ability to handle bad sectors and will release in the near future.

Data Copy King will be your ideal disk imaging hardware and data wiping hardware, not only for its highest 7GB/min imaging speed or 8GB/min data wiping speed, but also for its upcoming new features and perfect running status!

So if you have any questions about Data Copy King, please mail to us by, our DCK support team will be with you!
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