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Data copy king is an easy to use 1:1 hard drive duplicator with color touch screen; Customers don’t need any training to use it well for fulfilling all its functions. So resellers for this tool will have much less work to maintain the customers.

To distribute data copy King, the very basic requirement is that the reseller shall be in IT and computer related fields, you have a basic knowledge of data security and PC repair, the most important is that you have a good understanding to IT market with your own sales network!

If you meet the above requirements, you can move to the last step which might be the most difficult step for you to sign the distributor contract with us. You will be required to place an order of 10 pieces of Data Copy King for stock. However, these 10 pieces will be ordered with the distributor price.

So, to distribute Data Copy King is just that easy, only if you are in the right field with capabilities of placing an initial order for stock, you can go ahead for our data copy king distribution!

Benefits of distributing Data Copy King:

  • Data Copy King is a 0 training required hard drive duplicator and you don’t need to spend much time to learn it;
  • Data Copy King has enough competitive features to defeat your competition: The latest fastest hard drive duplicator with innovative bad sector handling capability!
  • Data Copy King is all-in-one tool with disk image, disk wipe and fast HDD auto detection, this makes you start with a large potential customer group;
  • Free shipping worldwide, free after sale support and free online immediate upgrade!
  • We will provide all distributors with Google Adwards and articles support in the assigned area to promote the sales
  • We will help all distributors with qualified marketing materials
  • We will provide profitable discount and purchase terms to all distributors and help them in the success of their business expansion and brand extension.