Data Copy King—Disk Image Solution for Computer Repair Service Providers:


Computer after-sale repair service providers need data copy king—Disk image solution!

How to make your computer repair service reliable and keep the data security of your customers? And have the plan to expand business from computer repair service to data recovery service?  Disk image tools and HDD repair tools are recommended to help you out of the problems. 

It was overwhelming recognized that brand computer which was backed up by well-established computer repair service provider are preferred choice of most customers. Generally there are two kind of computer after-sale repair service provider:

1. Computer repair Servi provides products documents, complete components, and only provides computer repair services to its own products; on the other hand, servicemen usually are specialized in the routine work while can not necessarily solve the entire problems without professional HDD repair tools.

2. Computer repair Service is only a device exchange center and not provides computer repair service. They usually have no disk image tools to guarantee the data integrity of customers and HDD repair tools to handle the deep-level issure, without micro-level repair engineers.


Nevertheless neither of the service centers can guarantee the data integrity in customer’s hard drives, in result more troubles spring up.


•Q: Why should I need disk image solution?

A: As the indispensable part of a brand computer after-sale repair service center, a comprehensive disk image tool and HDD repair tools undoubtedly are the best choice. Besides the performance of the product itself, Customers nowadays place the same share of attention to the after-sale service. besides providing warranty of the products itself, a well-established computer repair service center should consider more for customers such as keep customers’data safe and intact.


•Q: why should I choose DATA COPY KING?

1. Potable and easy-operation with user friendly touch screen: solving the data loss issues of customers on time and on-site. It will be a new high-light of your computer repair service.

2. As the capacity of hard drives is getting bigger and bigger, TB-Level hard drives take up the market share increasingly. On the other hand, referring to the present transfer speed of disk image and disk wipe, it will take 5-6 hours or more to handle a hard drive of 300GB. However, with disk image and disk wipe transfer speed respectively up to 7.0GB/min and 8.0GB/min, Data copy king can handle a hard drive with same capacity in 45 minutes. Compared with disk image software and disk wipe tools, Data copy king and our other HDD repair tools saves time and improve the efficiency.

3. Physical read-only feature absolutely guarantees data integraty. Training-free without anymore labor involved promise you no follow-up investments.


•Q: what is unique out of the disk image solution?

A: DATA COPY KING insists the design concept of easy learning and operation, user is able to work on it without any trainings so as to avoid the further investment to train people and the loss of employee turnover. Meanwhile data copy king is a cost effective disk imageand disk wipe tool with lifelong technical support and free life-long upgrade. All these ensure that it is an cost effective investment that you can see near great profits.