Data Backup-The Must Task and Indispensible Link for The Data Security of an E-Government



Protecting sensitive data and backup important data within government agencies is an obvious necessity. Increased regulations, data security standards, and compliance mandates demand a more evolved data security solution to protect from spywares data leak and virus.


With the popularity of Government office informatization and paperless office, a large number of critical data are stored in various storage media; and Electronic storage device like Hard drives, USB pendrive, CF card, recording pens etc hold lots of important and confidential data , therefore it is necessary to backup data periodically or wipe off the data permanently on storage devices . Due to insufficient technical development and support as well as the sense of data security from e-government construction, confidential data loss is not uncommon for units and individuals and it brings great pressure and daminify in labor and finance; and in-depth development and application on data security , has become the key point to solve the increasingly prominent issue. Therefore how to backup/wipe off data and manage the data efficiently and on-site becomes the focus of an E-government.



Development of a solution

--On the demanding for hard drive data backup , USB pendrive data backup and memory card data backup ;

--With the goal of establishing an in-house professional data security system; A complete and practicable data security solution for government protecting from sensitive data leak, important data loss, spyware/virus invasion etc;

--Data Copy King is the indispensible elements of the data security solution, which can perform data backup,data erasing and disk imaging with real-tested transfer rate up to 7.0GB/min. it can be applied to accomplish the data backup and task even for the unstable storage devices and wipe off the data so that no any other data recovery tools can retreive it;

--Free but professional after-sale support means no more investment budget to be worried about.

Values of the data security solution

001: Via bringing in cutting-edge technology to realize innovative management and official achievements, and display a government image which keeps pace with the time.

002: Full-scale management: shorten the periods of data backup ; prevent from data leak; and cut down the cost of data backup while keeping data security

003: With the flexible and potable features, Ensure the data security department can work with other government department in real time

004: Upgrade the capability of Technical Department and establish a professional data security team  

005: special troubleshooting data security solutions to different cases (USB Pendrive/ CF card/ memory stick/recording pen etc) timely with efficiency