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Industry Computer maintenance Solution out Of Disk Image Tool.

Data Copy King is the latest and fastest hard drive duplocator combining disk image, disk wipe and HDD test.


Which industry disk image tool can be applied to?


Since industry computer was developed and actively promote in 1984. It has widely applied to every field of work. Therefore corresponding maintenance equipments—hard drive duplicator are necessary.

Disk image tool in Source sector--power factory, substation etc
Disk image tool in Manufacturing—MMI system, manufacturing control system, computer Info management system in steel and metal production etc
Disk image tool in biochemical industry—production monitoring and system
Disk image tool in Telecommunication industry--telecommunications control equipments, server service provider etc

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What is the reasons and consequence of industry computer aging or breakdown?


Because of the particularity of industry computer for surrounding, low data security which lead to data damaged or data loss.
Industry computer got damaged are usually caused by following reasons:
Vibration/Massive dust/Electromagnetic interference/Long working hours etc;
As the name of industry computer implies: once a industry computer cannot work well, the whole operation process can never carry on properly. The consequent loss is not just time or human labor cost, but also the production stagnation, penalty of late delivery as well as the enterprise or institution image and reputation. 


What is the best data retrieval solution to prevent the loss from unexpected event or aging?


First it must solve the problem timely, and it is better to backup data system regularly and recover the data timely and fast. Thus the best data retrieval solution is to maintain regularly and equipped with one reliable hard drive duplicator which can take on the task of data backup and part of the data recovery process.
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What can the disk image tool do for you?


UNIC universal disk image tool

DATA COPY KING –THE latest and fastest hard drive duplicator Combining the advanced technology—can reach real-tested 7.0GB/min; and even for the hard drives with large capacity or bad sectors or unstable hard drives, data copy king—is still outperforms traditional disk image tools.

Backup the digital data stored in industry computer, prevent any possible data loss
Add-on option to modify hard drive factory series and model number,fulfill the disk image task for encrypted series and model number.

With precise disk image system and add-on option to modify hard drive series and model number, DATA COPY KING was designed to handle the disk image task for encrypted series and model number so as to realize multi disk image copy; and once the source hard drive cannot work well, the backup copy of the hard drive comes in handy so as to minimize the loss caused by suspend production.

Emergency data backup solution to retrieve data from the industry control system ensuring regular working of the industry computer 

Data copy king—the disk image tool especially designed for TB-level hard drives—can image a disk with capacity of 1TB only in 143 minutes ensuring the regular working of the industry computer.

Potable-design, 24*7 data backup service
An Easy to learn and use hard drive duplicator with no training