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Data Copy King: Data backup and data erasing hardware for data security of IT Networking, Enterprises, public institution, Research Center, University and those who start Data recovery business

Data security is a worldwide faced problem and those who don’t have good data security plans often get trapped by data loss, data leak and following is a big finance loss! Among all data security measures, regular data backup is one very important and cost-effective solution to protect the data. Data Copy king is designed with this purpose for fast data backup to backup your important files.

The best hard drive backup hardware with the fastest data backup speed, especially design for TB-level hard drives, and it can also be applied to erase data permanently to protect your privacy and any confidential data. Meanwhile it will be a good assistance for you to detect hard drive through providing judgment of comprehensive health of hard drives with a detailed graph.

Top Highlights For IT companies, Research & Education

001: Wow data backup speed up to 7.OGB/min, UDMA 6 adopted, for a 120GB hard drive data backup, less than 20 minutes are required. Data Copy King is especially wonderful for storage Medias of TB-level capacity, within one day; DCK is able to finish the data backup work of 8.5TB hard drive while other traditional data backup tools may take you one week or more.

002: Data Copy King protects your trade secrets and all the confidential data, you are able to backup all your data fast and completely to a secured place and erase the confidential data in the source storage medias at a blazing data erasing speed approaching 8.0 GB/min!

003: Data Copy King is designed with the latest build-in bad sector repair and bypassing technology and Head Prefetch technology, so even it’s data backup from your old drives with bad sectors or some of your drives with clicking, Data copy king is able to copy as much data as possible at a better and nice speed from the source drives to the good ones

004: Data Copy King automatically resets/reboots hard drives that become unresponsive to continue imaging process, so you don't need to stand around watching and waiting for the entire system to be rebooted.

005: Data Backup of hosting companies, Search Engines, Finance companies, Universities, Research centers, public institution require fast and intact disk imaging ability to copy each byte of the original data. Data copy king has just met this demand.

006: You can stop or continue the disk imaging process as you need, the disk imaging process continue from where you stop it and there will be a timely readable log for you to check the good/bad/unprocessed sectors.

007: Data Copy King is portable, easy to use with a color touch screen, no training is required, several simple clicks to start the disk imaging task, image fast and securely.

008: Data Copy King is specially designed with the latest disk imaging technologies to image failing hard drives with care, intelligence, higher speed and stronger disk imaging capability. You have the right to enjoy and take advantage of it.

009: Data Copy King has integrated smart hard drive test function for you, it is able to detect the PCB by the build-in power management module, detect the firmware area by ATA commands and detected the bad sector situation by the bad sector graph. This one is especially good for those who start Data recovery business and help them to find the real problem of the hard drive and to do the data recovery fast with a higher success rate.

010: Free lifelong software upgrade and after sales support! Free but absolutely professional!

011: copy only the data eara or erase the sensitive data by selecting the spcific partion

012: Data Copy King supports Seagate, western digital, Samsung, Maxtor, Hitachi/IBM, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Quantum and all other hard drives, flash drives supported with additional adapters. Data Copy King supports All kind of OS such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun, OS6, MAC, ETC. So you don’t need to worry whether Data Copy king supports your patient drives.